Cuthbertsteel Inc.

Welcome to Cuthbertsteel Inc., a company that provides Digital Planning services . I founded it in the summer of 2014 to help creative people and companies in film, TV, fashion, media and other arts use digital to its full potential.

So many people ask me where the name Cuthbertsteel came from that I figure it is probably the best topic for the first post.

About 10 years ago I was reviewing the family tree with my Grandfather. He had diligently collected genealogical data going back a few hundred years and had laid it out on his drafting table on old sheets of paper he had saved from his engineering days. As I was following the various branches back I saw the usual suspects from a standard British background: James, William, Elizabeth, Anne, Henry, and so on. Very repetitive.

Then I saw in the middle of yet another list of children with similar names one that practically jumped out of the page it was so unique. Cuthbert Steel Suthren. It was so different and striking that I was instantly inspired and have used the name online ever since. It was only logical that it would become the name of the company as well.



“Stay hungry, stay foolish” – Stewart Brand

Steward Brand is brilliant and one of the greatest thinkers of our time. His vision in the 60′s was groundbreaking and he continues to push the envelope. His writing has been consistently enlightening and his perspective on the world is balanced and so long term in scope as to require an extra digit on the date (02011).

This article from The European is a great collection of his current thinking. Some of the standout topics:

  • The fact that humans are now part of the geological record. The Economist recently posted this article which makes a similar argument. To what degree should we be taking action to stem our impact? What timescale should we be operating on?
  • Many of our current problems require solutions that will have a very long temporal scale. Brand is also involved in The Long Now foundation which is working to change our temporal frame of reference. I think every house should have a 10,000 yr clock
  • His rejection of apocalyptic rhetoric and his challenge to anyone that thinks they can do better.

The last point to call out is a great parallel to the inspiration behind this blog. It is also the thinking behind his quote that is at the top of this post, which was also on the back of the Whole Earth Catalog:

It proposes that a beginner’s mind is the way to look at new things. We need a combination of confidence and of curiosity. It is a form of deep-seated opportunism that goes to the core of our nature and is very optimistic. I haven’t been killed by my foolishness yet, so let’s keep going, let’s take chances. The phrase expresses that our knowledge is always incomplete, and that we have to be willing to act on imperfect knowledge. That allows you to open your mind and explore.

Have fun.